If you’re struggling…if you’ve never done this wedding-thing before…I have a suggestion for you. Hire a Planner.

Wedding DJ Mark Dantzer Planner Benefits
Above and beyond! Whatever it takes, including helping hoist the bride-to-be over golf course fencing to get to the ceremony on time.

I think…maybe…more couples are hiring a professional wedding planner shortly after getting engaged.

I say HURRAH!!!

I DJ high-end, big-budget weddings every weekend. Of the 500+ weddings I have attended as DJ, fewer than 50 had a planner. I think…and I hope…more and more couples are wisely booking a wedding planner.

There is a considerable (um, massive) difference between DIY weddings and weddings being run by an experienced professional.

A wedding is a major event…you don’t need me to tell you (100/200/300 guests, invitations, florals, catering, cake, bar, band, decor, photography, transportation, seating chart, hotel-block, OOPS…I’m telling you!)

And I am only scratching the surface.

Weddings without planners are almost always messy. Hectic. Chaotic. They drag. I feel badly saying so, but it’s true. There is an Oh well, we’re just gonna hafta wing it feel to these events. Behind the scenes, I notice stress on the faces of parents, bridesmaids, vendors, guests. Couples who decide to skip having a planner on their wedding day cause strenuousness (it’s a word) for the people they care about…their guests present to support their marriage.

I don’t want to scare anyone.  I am pro-wedding…a couple celebrates their love with the support and presence of their closest family and friends.  I’m a fan.  I have been a groom…and father of the bride (twice.)

Yes, your wedding planner may be trusted with sharp objects! Pinning the boutonnieres on all the groomsmen is one of hundreds of tasks your planner performs so you can relax and enjoy your wedding day.

I also see the value in spending a relatively small percentage of your overall wedding budget on a talented, experienced, professional wedding planner.  When you hire a planner, you are not WORKING at your own wedding…neither are your parents, bridesmaids, family, friends.  Your vendors are not wearing multiple hats: Your caterer is paying attention to feeding 200 people.  Your DJ/MC is focusing on a killer playlist.  Your photographer is capturing fabulous images, rather than helping your maid of honor manage the timeline (this happens.) And you are in the moment, having one of the best days of your life.

This says nothing about the hours and hours a wedding planner spends in the days, weeks, months leading up to the wedding day.  I will save that for another post.

Wedding season is upon us.  I am happy to see an increasing number of couples wisely trusting quality wedding planners with the details of their big day, and all the days leading up to it!

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