I was DJ/MC for Catco’s 2019 Swanky Soiree last night.  The fabulous Ivory Room filled with hundreds of generous donors and arts patrons.  Just before dinner, a smiling couple approached me and this conversation followed:

Couple: Hi Mark!

Me: Hi!

Couple: Wow!  How’s it going?!

Me: Great!  How are you?  When…(pause)…was the last time I saw you?!

Couple:  You don’t remember us, do you?!  (Thankfully, still all smiles.)

Me:  Haha, no!  Was I your Wedding DJ?

Couple:  YES!!!  You met YOUR wife at our wedding!

Me:  Jeff and Andrea!  You liked the Dave Matthews Band!  Yes, wow!  How can I forget that night?

A friendly conversation followed, and I am happy to say we have 20+ years of wedded bliss between Jeff & Andrea (12 years) and Tracie & me (9 years.)

I have had similar encounters with other couples at Clipper’s games, my Music Trivia shows, restaurants…  Once we share a few details, I am always able to recall the couple and something about their wedding.  It makes my day.

My wedding DJ career grew organically from my radio DJ show on WNCI 97.9, Columbus, OH.  Had I known I would have the honor to provide music, mics, sound for over 500 weddings, I would have created a system keeping track of all my couples.  (In fact…if I was YOUR wedding DJ…PLEASE message me and say hi!)

Jeff & Andrea Heyer-Jones posed with me last night after dinner in the Ivory Room.  I wish I had a photo of every one of my 500+ Wedding DJ couples.  They have all been pretty terrific! Check my calendar here to see if I’m available on your date!

Caterer: Cameron Mitchell Catering

Venue: Ivory Room