It’s Time To Feel The Love!

A key element to an epic wedding reception is a fabulous ending.  With a few basic steps, you can pretty much guarantee your wedding day will end with a dancefloor full of your favorite people smiling and laughing in a giant group-hug…it’s a beautiful thing!

Wedding Reception Dance Floor

Your DJ should save 3-4 of the best home-run songs (bangers) to play during the final 15-20 minutes to fill the floor and crank up the energy…a talented DJ/MC will hype the crowd, congratulate the newlyweds and let remaining guests know the reception is about to end.

In the final few minutes, after the epic banger/dance mix, it is time for a much-loved sing-along song.  (See my list of Epic Ending Songs at MDP on Facebook.  Guests will form a circle around the couple as everyone lifts their voices.  Again, an experienced DJ/MC will know how use the mic to steer this without being too cheesy or obnoxious.

Wedding Reception Dance Floor

I have seen joyful tears during this happy, exciting moment…the bride and group end a thrilling day surrounded by their closest friends serenading them.  How cool!

(Bonus tip: If there are STILL a few minutes left, request “All My Life” by K-Ci & Jojo…this takes everyone back to the 7th grade dance!)