“We want everyone at our wedding to have fun!”

Are you engaged?  Is this something you are thinking?


Here are a few ideas to help bring the fun to your wedding reception…

(These ideas and photos are from recent weddings in Columbus, OH I was hired to DJ.)

Brutus!  Having the Ohio State mascot surprise your guests is a home-run.  Brutus will pose for photos, give high-fives, and boogie down with your guests (Let me tell you, Brutus is a dancing machine!)  The energy always goes through the roof when Brutus is in the room.

Is your dad a college rugby coach?  Awesome!  He can ask some of his varsity players to wear colorful suits and pump up the dance floor!  (In case your father does NOT coach college rugby…I’ll bet you can ask a handful of guys and girls coming to your wedding to be the designated party-starters when it’s time to dance.)  Most guests want to dance and once they see others on the floor, they are eager to join in.  Party time!

Another tip: Don’t be too cool to consider glow sticks.  These sticks, LED rods, swords, wands, jewelry and more are a hit with guests, even at fancy, swanky events.  Admit it; when you’re dancing and the host busts out glow sticks, you want one!

Think of one cool, unique thing you can do at your wedding.  I’ll bet it takes you less than 15 minutes to think of something fun your guests will remember forever!

Photographer: Ashley West Photography

Photographer: Nicole Dixon

Photographer: Abbey Moore Photography