(Alphabetical order)

Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke

From floor-filler to floor-killer.  I was bummed when this stopped working because it’s one of my faves, but many of my couples put this at the top their DO NOT PLAY lists. 

Crazy In Love – Beyonce

Noooo!!!!  Not only is this a great song, it’s maybe the BEST song of the 00s.  Most Beyonce tunes do not drive folks to the dance floor at weddings, believe it.

EDM – Pretty much anything.  

Awesome for clubbing…NEVER works at weddings.  After years of trying to make “techno” fit, I now politely pass on couples who insist on a playlist heavy with deadmau5, Clean Bandit, Bassnectar…  A wedding reception will never be a club.  Go to the club after your wedding reception!

Game of Thrones – (Showtunes in general)

Theme weddings- Yes!  But, cocktails/dinner is the time for music based on your favorite show or theme.  When it’s time to get down, you will be let down if you expect a dance frenzy to “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman. 

God’s Plan/Drake

More of an issue in 2018 when Drake owned half the Billboard Hot 100, and most of my couples requested his radio hits, like God’s Plan; a swell song that never incited droves of people to the floor.  Listen…it’s too slow!

Hang On Sloopy – McCoys

Uh-oh!  A sacrilege to dis this in Columbus, OH, where I live.  Sloopy is either a home run or an epic fail.  I stay away from the Ohio State Buckeye’s adopted classic unless the bride & groom insist on having it played.

I Like It – Cardi B

Cardi B the new princess of hip-hop and a giant talent.  There are nights I Like It has been a peak moment, but they have been rare.  Truth is, tunes like this put maybe a dozen 20-something females on the floor while everyone else heads for the bar or their seat.

Pour Some Sugar – Def Leppard

A popular request by over-40 guests still eager to party it up (whooo!!!) in the final hour of open dancing.  The opening riff usually gets a big cheer and a few stripper moves on the dance floor, then guests realize, wow this song is slowww…and I’m not even a stripper…time to go outside for a smoke.

Spotify Top 50

Nope.  Your wedding reception is not the place for expletive-loaded joints from Travis Scott, Juice WRLD, blackbear  and DaBaby.  That’s for your after-hours, hotel room, Bose speaker playlist.

Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd

See Pour Some Sugar (above.)  Skynyrd is righteous.  The opening notes get a whoop (and maybe a few dudes playing air-guitar), then suddenly  your dance floor is clear enough to land a jet liner on.

That was fun!  In ten minutes, I could come up with another Top 10 floor-killer list, easy!    

As always, when you book me to be your DJ, YOU ARE MY BOSS.  I will offer my input and experience, but I will always work with you to make sure YOUR favorite songs are on the playlist for your wedding day!